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Crazy For Colour!

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Crazy For Colour!

Blog / 19th February 2016 / No Comment

Seasonal trends come and go in the hair world but some really stand the true test of time. Whether it be an ombre colour that holds on season after season or the highly requested balayage, some hair trends really stick. It’s no surprise then, that the trend of multicoloured, or pastel toned hair is really having a moment right now and its a trend that we at Cherry Bomb, hope will stay around for more than just a short a while.

This week has allowed us to really get creative and thanks to our stream of crazy coloured styles we have been posting on our Twitter, more and more of you have been bravely requesting to go to the bright side! We love it we must admit, especially as two of our own (Courtney and Katie) are seasoned fans of having alternative hair tones!

lilac hair

One thing we must stress though, is that to achieve a perfectly toned ‘crazy’ colour, you must first have bleached, almost white hair, to get the ultimate result. Clients are often disappointed that crazy colours don’t take to their dark hair tones so we always want to manage expectations and say that if you wanted to try a bright colour, you have to fully invest into the fact that you will have to have your hair bleached which is a huge commitment. Plus, your hair must be in seemingly healthy condition as bleach can be damaging so its important to keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to take the plunge!

rainbow hair

So what do we recommend when opting for bright shades? We use a brand called ‘Crazy Colour’ as they have incredible pigment. They’re not permanent though, so topping the colour up is essential, so be prepared for this when your’e considering the change. You can buy them in salon too, if you feel like you want to top up the colour yourself! ┬áMaintenence wise, the girls swear by a brand called Bleach, available at Boots, that have a range of products to help maintain your colour as long as possible! Plus using a sulphate free shampoo that won’t strip or be too harsh on the hair is also recommended. So what do you think, are you brave enough?!



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