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We <3 Cleansing Conditioners!

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matrix biolage cleansing condtioners

We <3 Cleansing Conditioners!

Blog / 4th March 2016 / No Comment

There’s a relatively new phenomenon sweeping the hair world and taking it by storm. As women are becoming more and more curious about what exactly they’re using on their hair, sulphates and harsh parabens have been given the boot and they’re looking for the safest and best thing to use in their hair.

For a few weeks, we’ve been trying out the Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioners in salon. Free from any nasty parabens and sulphates that can strip the hair, its low lather formula cleanses the hair without even a murmur of shampoo.

matrix biolage cleansing condtioners

So how does is clean the hair then? Well, as well as deeply conditioning it, its formula cleanses without the stripping that a traditional shampoo may do. Known as a ‘no-poo’ the formula is what is known as a ‘co wash’ combining a gentle cleanser with a conditioner without removing the hair’s vital nutrients or oils keeping it in tip top condition.

We’re not saying that using a shampoo is bad, but make sure that you’re using one without sulphates and parabens in. If you have coloured hair, try a cleansing conditioner as it won’t strip your colour! The only downside however, is that if you’re used to getting a lather when you clean your hair, you won’t get one with this. I can be a little disappointing and you may feel like you’re not properly cleaning your hair but as soon as you dry your locks, you’ll see that the results are impressive. Plus it smells good too. Always a good thing, right?!

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